download Xeam Vendor Code of Conduct

1. Definition of Vendor

Any firm, business entity, organization, company or any individual and their representatives who are also referred as partners, service providers, agents, dealers, distributors, suppliers and others wish to associate or already engaged with XEAM Ventures on contract for getting any service or product.

2. Who to abide with XEAM Code of Conduct

This code is applicable to all vendors as defined in above definition clause and is on panel of XEAM Ventures and coming forth for various business verticals including products, services etc.

3. Non Discrimination Policy

Vendor prohibits the discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, disability, nation, gender for their employees. Vendor is liable to maintain dignity, pride, individual respect of all employees without considering their position, designation and hierarchy. Vendor ensures to comply with all national and international human rights laws and regulations including child labour rules. Stress free working environment with promotional and motivational schemes, courses, and activities provisions with record is also under Vendor liable areas of discourse.

4. Confidentiality

Vendor understands that disclosure of any confidential information which was supplied to the Vendor for any purpose during the course of work shall not be misused anywhere or produced as reference that may cause XEAM Ventures irreparable damage. Vendor agrees and acknowledges that sharing mutual information, data, logo, service mark or designations of sponsors to third party including financial transactions without written consent of XEAM Ventures shall be considered as breach of confidentiality and will face consequences that may be initiated by XEAM Ventures.

5. Record and Data Base Handling

Vendor is binding to maintain all its transaction and communication records for reference at any point of time. Vendor shall maintain its account reports, procedures, audits, tax rules as per prevailing policy and applicable law. At any stage if any misinterpretation of law or clause is observed, in that scenario Vendor shall be solely responsible for all consequences.

6. Nuisance

Vendor or his representative shall not involve or promote or being a cause of any nuisance on site or while performing work which shall cause unwanted dispute or disturbance to the principal employer or to the owners or tenants of the property.

7. Adherence to Health, Safety and Environment Regulations

7.1 Vendor is committed for their organization to ensure health, safety and environment aspects in their line of operations.
7.2 All fatal accidents and other mishap if somehow happen that should be investigated through legal procedures and adequate supportive steps to be taken by the vendor in order to find the root cause so that in future extra care and procedure could be extended.
7.3 Vendor should have provisions of audits/supervisions/inspections in their working portfolio regarding regulation of health, safety provisions and submit the reports of review.
7.4 If Vendor is in practice of using machinery including generators which produce hazardous material substance and waste then Vendor shall comply with the environmental laws, rules and regulations and shall maintain their record of dispose of as per guidelines of pollution department.

8. Non Compliance of Code of Conduct

8.1 Vendor shall ensure to stop negative thoughts among its employees, co workers, projects which promote groups and collectively influence people to participate in such actions which may result violence or damage property or project image.
8.2 Non compliance of norms as defined in contract or stated in code of conduct will result termination of business relationship with or without notice. Non compliance of any rules and regulation applicable by law related to its business practice will also result termination of services.

9. Termination of Contract

Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere, XEAM Ventures may at any time terminate the contract or business relation with or without notice to the Vendor/Supplier without assigning any reason. This may be because of dissatisfaction, non reliability, breach of terms, non compliance of regulations, performance not up to the mark, misconduct, confidentiality suspicion, Integrity damage efforts etc.

10. Address the Issue

10.1 XEAM efforts to make harmony and liaison with effective communication and writing record but if somehow any issue is arisen because of unwanted suspicion or communication gap then Vendor or anybody concerned who wants to bring in XEAM’s notice are welcome to write email on
10.2 If any employee of Vendor has raised issue directly to XEAM Ventures without taking his employer in loop in that scenario the concerned Vendor shall not deal strictly against the employee referring this issue of protocol violence but will resolve the issue with good harmony and procedures.