download Vendor Empanelment Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to go through the Vendor registration process on for all vendors who wish to associate with XEAM Ventures?

XEAM provides various business opportunities to vendors who are professional in their field and have a commercial existence which can only be authenticated if we receive bona fide particulars of the Vendor through this online procedure, hence registration process has become necessary.

In Step 2 of registration process some supporting documents has been asked to enclose, Are these mandatory?

Yes it is mandatory to enclose supporting documents however; Vendor needs to understand
that we all are surviving in competitive business atmosphere where quality and quantity both are equally measured. Hence, a transparent business deal always recommends getting these details to check the efficiency and eligibility criteria of the Vendor. Any Vendor who either conceals or does not wish to supply such information may be deprived of achieving best profitable deals because others have shown their strength and consequently grab the opportunity

Is this a SAP or an online portal of registration which require authentication etc.?

No, actually this is not that online portal of submission where login, password or digital
signature etc. required, but this is the platform designed to get the Vendor details category wise so that internally we could generate reports and plan quick schedules in pursuant to our regulated procedures and filters using technology advantage. This tool is a part of our Business Process Management.

Is it possible to modify or revise the particulars after submission and receiving of acknowledgement?

Vendor can fill and submit registration form multiple times in multiple interval of time. For example suppose one particular Vendor has filled details at any given time but after few years he has become significant in his field of services or products with positive efforts and fortune, then he can re-register on the site. In this situation, the updated profile with inputs supplied shall supersede and shall prevail over the conditions and previous details enumerated elsewhere in any document.

Can an empanelled Vendor transfer or appoint other party for providing services or products on their behalf?

Vendor shall in no case lease/sublet/transfer/appoint his services or supply of products to other party without prior approval of XEAM Ventures’ authorized personnel in writing. Under exceptional circumstances based on industry practice & prior permission if a Vendor somehow engages third agency for the services or products under contract then any liability arising out of any irregularity occurred as a result of third party bad reputation or non responsive nature will be sole responsibility of the empanelled Vendor.

Is this the only process of registration to get engaged with XEAM Ventures for its various services and projects?

No, once Vendor is empanelled, thereafter negotiation of terms and contract would be
executed based on mutual understanding, work requirement depending upon the capacity and size of the Vendor

If a prospective Vendor does not find his category in the list provided in dropdown menu of step 1 of registration process then what should he do?

In this situation, prospective Vendor needs not to worry rather he should select last option as Others in the dropdown menu category and proceed further to complete the process