We have adequate infrastructure to run /conduct computer based examinations. Examination premises are equipped with advanced technology based surveillance systems and other compatible devices which protect the confidentiality, sanctity and integrity of examination. Security breaches are dealt strictly.

Our services cover the following key areas in the field of examination & training.

Employment Test:

Our Employability Test and Employee Assessment testing systems can accurately predict how someone will perform in the job before you hire them. Discover the qualities needed for success in your company, how to determine if someone has those qualities, and how to hire right the first time. We can help you in more informed and confident hiring decisions.

Work Force Development:

The best possible development and training decisions are made with objective, quantifiable data about employees, identifying employees who need improvement, either for promotion, or to increase job performance. Our employee development solutions include 360┬░ Leadership Evaluation, 180┬░ Sales Feedback Surveys and our Executive Leadership Assessments.

Talent Management:

Ensure that your business has the appropriate people in the right jobs to achieve your expected results. We offer solutions such as Succession Planning Systems, Promotion Assessments, Team Building Assessments and Talent and Applicant Tracking Systems.

Behavioral Safety:

At the intersection of Safety and Human Resources, we helps make workplaces safer! Our assessment measure the personality risk factors which lead to human error and incidents on the job and recommend self-coaching and management tips for minimizing the impact of these factors on workplace safety.

Aptitude Test:

Hiring processes which comprise only of interviews often entail subjectivity and this blurs lines between different factors that are taken into consideration while hiring. Strong verbal and written communication skills, logical reasoning and a strong hold over basic mathematical concepts are basic requirements sought after, in any new candidate.

Skill Test:

This is Skills Assessment Test series which assess the candidate specifically for skill required by employer. In this we are offering test series of IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, Automobile, Beauty & wellness, Health care, and logistics sector.

English Test:

With the many ways in which the corporate world communicates both online and offline today, it is essential for professionals to be equipped with oral and written proficiency in the English language. Test evaluates the basic principles of English spelling and grammar, such as common words and abbreviations, parts of speech, punctuation, and more.